World Cup giveaway!

Last year I released "The Leah Illustrations" - a large version of the illustrations in the three Leah stories to date.

The release was twofold - one, a colouring book for younger children (with excerpts of the story to accompany the pictures)

The second, to use those images and the brief bits of text to use as a guided writing tool for children to assist their writing.

What is the picture about? How does it relate to the text that accompanies it? What do you think happens in the story between one illustration and the next?

So, with this is in mind, I am giving away some copies of "The Leah Illustrations" to UK Primary/Junior Schools.

I will give away signed copies of the book, priced at £5 from Amazon or through my website, at the end of the World Cup.

Every time England score (excluding penalty shoot outs), I'll add one copy of the book to the giveaway. So, if we score eight goals in this year's tournament there will be eight copies up for grabs at the end.

To win, you need to be based in the UK and be a Primary/Junior School or representative (see below) of a school.

At the end of the World Cup I'll put every school name that replies to any tweet, tweets me, retweets me, follows me on twitter into a prize draw and pull out winners for every copy that are up for grabs.

If you are a parent/guardian of a child in the school, then your name will be entered, but it will be to the school that the winning book will go.

Good luck!

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