New year, new website

2017 was my lowest sales year, so my focus in 2018 is to try an ensure that last year will remain my "worst year" and I don't have any worse.

With three football stories out there, it's about time I completed my non-football story "Amy Pineapple".

I have a fourth Leah story almost finished, but want to be in a position where I can fund the price of the illustrations for it from book sales rather than the wages from my day job.

So, a new year begins and I resolved to "write every day".

Yeah right!

Spent the first weeks of January getting back into the swing of things at work - five day weeks are awkward after all those short weeks that contain Bank Holidays ;)

Then, procrastinated by redesigning the website, though that was much needed!

Hopefully it's now easier to follow and, hopefully once I get people visiting they'll be more tempted to pick up the Leah stories or my poetry book Recollections of You.

As I have self-published my books, I'm not in any book shops like Waterstones or WH Smith, so I rely heavily on people finding my books through the Guardian article they did before the 2014 World Cup, or through my twitter and instagram posts (which I don't do as often as I should - and have improved in the new year so far).

So, now it's time to crack on with writing (why not procrastinate further by writing a blog about writing more books?)

Leah and the New Generation is almost done, while Amy Pineapple is ready to be improved (again).

I've got a pre-February half term deal on at the moment, if you use the code FEBHALFTERM when buying through my website Shop.

If I can sell all those books in the picture, I might start believing I am a writer again and may get the confidence to finish off partially-finished projects!

Happy new year!

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