Don't give up! Best review so far!

It's true to say as a self-published author that there are days (and plenty of them) I wonder whether to carry on with the books when sales aren't happening.

Many times I've prayed, "if I don't sell one this week/today (delete as necessary) then I'll give up."

The best ever cry for help came when I sat in a cafe and said, "if I don't sell one today I'll give up" and on the way home, I had a text off someone wanting to buy multiple copies of 'Leah and the Football Dragons'.

Anyway, during my week off work last week, I had planned to continue working on 'Leah and the New Generation' and probably did every job I could to procrastinate from writing some more of the story.

Confidence hit a low on Friday, to be truthful, and it was a case of, "if I haven't sold one by midnight tonight" then that's it. No more books.

It's no lie that at various points during the day I said, "10 hours to go", "8 hours to go" etc.

It's also no lie that at 23.34 a message popped up on Messenger. 26 minutes before my deadline!

"Saw a kid today ... reading your book! It made me smile."

She then went on to say...

"I saw a distressed kid ... getting some comfort from your book. You can’t give up x"

I've omitted the location from the messages above.

I've always imagined what it would be like to be out and about and seeing someone reading my books. I'm delighted that someone has experienced this, until I get this feeling myself!

Best review ever!

I won't give up!

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