Wyrley Presentation

I wrote Leah and the Football Dragons over ten years ago, but it was only 2014 when it went to print. It was written to highlight the difficulties some girls had to get a team to play football for.

Although there are far more girls teams out there than ever before, the Football Association's Girls Football Week is there to encourage girls into the game, those who may not know there is a team on their doorstep, those who want to give it a go and have never had the opportunity before.

Some readers of Leah and the Football Dragons have said it reminds them of when they first tried to get into football and it's a sport where the women in the game are trying ever-so-hard to be recognised on the same level as the men's game.

For Christmas 2014, Wyrley Juniors requested donations of presents to give to Birmingham Children's Hospital, and I provided a signed copy for a boy and a girl of 'Dragons'.

I have kept in touch with Chairman Keith Hardy since, and today delivered 120 signed copies to the club that they had purchased to give to all of the girls in their teams.

Pictured, girls from their Academy, U8s Sabrecats, U8s Wildcats, U10s Panthers and U13s Meerkats with Keith.

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