For Leah, life is about to become a waiting game.


After dragons have been defeated it is not always happily ever after.


There are new adventures to be had


And in the meantime, there is waiting…


… Waiting to hear the news that she longs to hear

… Waiting for all kinds of results

… Waiting to make new goals.


What can Leah do while she is waiting?


She can only do what she is good at.

She can do what she loves.

She can play football.

But as she struggles to find her place in her world, she encounters a whole new set of challenges.

Challenges that could overwhelm even a modern-day teenager like Leah.


The Leah series in recommended reading order


1. Leah and the Football Dragons

2. Leah and the Waiting Game

3. Leah and the Final Whistle?

4. Leah and the New Generation

Leah and the Waiting Game